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This is the beta testing center for the latest, most cutting-edge virtual reality format on the planet. Virtual reality is often portrayed as a false or fake version of real life that is easily differentiated from true reality by anyone using it. That is not the case with our system. Our system is based on the premise that all reality, true or virtual, is based on sensory input and responses. Where most virtual reality systems fail, is that they rely on the subjects stated goals, rather than probing deeper to get at the true desires that the subject hides, sometimes even from themselves.

We eliminate this flaw by removing the subject’s inhibitions through the use of trance and modified sensory deprivation. When the subject is deprived of negative external stimuli, they are freed from societal judgments, and allowed to truly and freely express their inner most desires. Once the system has access to this level of honesty, the system is able to work with the subject and create the reality they crave, even if they did not know it. Size, shape, color, gender, sexual orientation, everything an individual uses to define themselves, become fluid. There are no limitations to their reality, and therefore no barriers to their happiness.

You have read the contract, been made aware of the potential dangers, and signed all applicable waivers, so I ask you now, are you prepared to enter into a world of your own making? Are you prepared to live the life your heart truly desires? Then remove your robe and enter the tank …

– – – – –

This session was so much fun to record! Enter a virtual reality simulation tank where you will experience mental regression and deep trance followed by interaction with the AI/android “Nanny Nicole” who will take you into the nursery where you get to crawl around and do all the things that babies do while your android nanny takes such good care of you!


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