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Brand New for 2021! Hello, little one. Its time for another training session with Nanny Nicole. That’s right. There are so many wonderful things you need to learn in order to be the very best baby you can possibly be. And, as I’ve been reminded countless times now, babies do quite a bit more than simply wet their diapers. This session features a nurturing induction to draw you into a soothing trance and once you’re deeply regressed, I tell you a story from my own time as a little one to help you feel safe and reassured about sucking your thumb, your fingers or even a pacifier or binkie whenever you feel anxious or stressed or just need to regress into little space. I plant special triggers to associate the behavior or sucking your thumb with feelings of deep regression. Then I help you to use your imagination to create a special friend in your own mind to be with you and to remind you of my suggestions even when I can’t be around, a special guardian who will help you regress and remember that its okay to suck your thumb and regress and feel just as little as you want to be whenever you need to. This is not a role play. This is real mental conditioning and ABDL reprogramming.

♡ Nicole


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