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Brand new for 2023!

*inspired by a custom request!

I was approached for a custom that was quite different from my usual ABDL files. The session begins with lots of praise for your good behavior and diligence with learning how to be the very best baby you can possibly be. I offer to take you on a special trip to the nursery as a reward for being such a very good baby but I tell you that before you can get into your crib, I’ll need to prepare you for bed.

While I’m guiding you into trance, sending your imagination on an adventure into regression and relaxation, I happen to find evidence in your pockets that you haven’t been such a good baby after all. In fact, you’ve been sneaking around behind my back, doing some very naughty things indeed! Rather than simply give you a spanking or do something else to correct your bad behavior, I decide to handle things a little differently this time …

If you’re at all familiar with Pinocchio, you might remember the Pleasure Island scene where all the naughty boys indulge their most wicked desires, only to be transformed into donkeys. On Nicole’s Pleasure Island, you’re also encouraged to indulge your wicked desires, but instead of being transformed into a donkey, you’ll be transformed into a more and more helplessly diaper dependent little baby. The more you give in to your naughty whims, the more you’ll be wetting your pants, regressing deeper and deeper into a humiliating spiral of baby bottles, diapers and potty accidents!


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