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That’s right sweetie. Having your head against my breast, listening to my heartbeat, it’s allowing you to fall deeper and deeper into trance now as you cuddle with Nanny Nicole. With every beat of my heart, it’s helping you to fall deeper, and deeper into regression. And you are so happy to be drifting down and down.

This is the safest place you could possibly be and you haven’t felt so relaxed and comfortable in such a long time. Every part of your body and mind just relaxes more and more deeply the longer you stay here, nestled in my arms, tucked against my breast, rocking gently back and forth, back and forth.

Every so often I press the nipple of a bottle of formula to your lips and you drink the deliciously sweet warm milk without thought or care. Your mind is blank and empty now, thinking only the pure, innocent, clouded thoughts of a sweet silly dumb little baby.

You aren’t even aware as you begin to wet your diaper but that’s alright. Nanny will take care of you. Nanny will always take care of her little one. So just rest and relax, sweetheart. That’s right. Simply rest and relax …


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