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You awaken to find yourself stripped, diapered and bound helplessly to your bed. Your loving wife, Nicole has learned your deepest, darkest secrets. Your gorgeous but vapid intern stumbled across something she wasn’t meant to see and confessed everything!

Now Nicole has decided to take the future of your marriage in her own hands. The two of you married so young and she supported you through college and graduate school. She was right there as you built your business from the ground up, encouraging you every step of the way. Now that you’re successful and powerful, she’d never want to take all that away from you … Well, she might take control of it though.

From now on, you’ll be living a much different life. No more “business trips” to Vegas. Not for you. And no more gorgeous interns either. Instead you’ll be trained as a diaper dependent adult baby complete with a British Nanny when you’re at work and Mommy Nicole waiting to take such good care of you when you come home. That’s right; your sweet little wife has decided to reclaim her life and her marriage by transforming you into a silly dumb helpless baby. Lets see you cheat with hot little interns while you’re wearing a diaper!


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