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You’ve tried to deny it but something keeps you crawling back to the nursery again and again. You’re a diaper wearing, bedwetting little baby, aren’t you sweetheart? Yes, you are! And each time you try to resist my suggestions, try to deny my rules, you find yourself right back in the same position all over again. And this time is no different.

I’m not upset, of course. I think its kind of cute that you try so hard to escape the nursery. But for a bedwetter like you, there is no escape. Don’t worry, darling. Nanny Nicole is here to help you. I’ll train you love your diapers just like I trained you to wet the bed. Before you know it, you’ll crave wearing diapers even more than you (secretly) do already! And if you end up having a few accidents or becoming more deeply regressed into a baby brained little dummy, well, I guess these things happen, don’t they?


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