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Brand New for 2021!

Hello, sweetheart. This is Nicole Dosei. You can call me Nanny Nicole. This is a special day. Today I am going to take you into the nursery and teach you a special phrase that will cause your baby brain and baby body to have immediate and irresistible responses!

When you come here to the nursery, when you listen to my voice, its easy for me to speak directly to that part of you that has always remained so weak and so small. Its so easy for me to bring that part of you to the surface, suppressing all your adult thoughts and feelings until only the silly dumb little baby remains.

Aw, poor baby! You wet the bed!

What did you think would happen when you decided to listen to this mp3? Silly little one. Nanny Nicole loves to take you down deep like this, relaxing and regressing you into a helpless little baby and teaching new ways to make babyish messes or have babyish experiences.

This is not a role play. This is real mental conditioning and ABDL reprogramming.


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