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Brand new for 2022!

You’ve been quite the trouble maker lately and before you know it, you find yourself sentenced to a unique facility for out of control elements of society. Once there, you meet a doctor who plans to cure your delinquency once and for all.

“I specialize in a controversial new technique that involves regressing delinquents like you back to a much younger, more innocent frame of mind so you can be retrained from the ground up. Of course, there are some who simply don’t have what it takes to finish the program. I’m afraid they end up being regressed for life but that’s perfectly alright. We have a state of the art facility called The Nursery with a highly trained staff of Nannies, Nurses and Care Givers on the off chance that happens. Either way, you won’t be causing anymore problems.”

Includes coerced diaper dependency, age regression, bedwetting, bondage, and more.


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