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Brand new for 2022!

It didn’t take long for you to wind up back in Doctor Dosei’s office at The Nursery. This time your Care Giver has caught you being very, very naughty–trying to sneak out of your diapers and inappropriately stuffing your hands where they aren’t supposed to go! (Down the front of your diapers, in fact!)

You’re leaving Miss Nicole with no choice but to ramp up her regression techniques and take away even more of your free will, transforming you into a sweet little baby girl but not before locking up your dolly in a pretty pink plastic cage and stuffing those naughty hands into pink leather bondage mittens to ensure you won’t be getting into any more trouble. And don’t bother trying to complain, the pacifier gag in your mouth will keep you nice and quiet.

Includes coerced diaper dependency, age regression, bedwetting, bondage, potty untraining, feminization and more.


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