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Brand new for 2023!

For this session, I’m going to have you do things a little differently–Before we begin, I’m going to have you roll over onto your tummy! That’s right, you’re going to have tummy time just like the silly dumb little baby you are. You’ll regress so much more deeply, feel so much more babyish and your diaper will be so much more leaky this way. Oh dear~

While you’re in trance, we’ll have so much fun in the nursery too! You’ll receive a relaxing wave bath with soothing bubbles and bath toys, a lovely diaper change with powder and then you’ll be placed right back on your tummy to play with a colorful pinwheel and some alphabet blocks while Nanny trains you to release anxiety and tension and regress so deeply you don’t even notice how weak your bladder has become until you’ve begun to leak right through your diaper!


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