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I can see that you’re so very sleepy. It looks like someone may have missed their afternoon nap. Poor little darling. Well, if you’d like to snuggle up with Nanny and have that nap now, you’re certainly welcome to do so. I had thought of a little game we might play but if you’re just too tired …

Oh? You’re curious about what sort of game Nanny Nicole has in mind for her little one? Well, its a simple game really with one very simple rule. All you have to do is regress as deeply as possible and then try very hard not to wet yourself. Sounds easy, right? Except for one little thing …

Everyone knows that silly dumb little age regressed babies can’t help but wet themselves! So lets see how long you last. Just remember, the harder you try to resist, the more deeply you’ll regress and the more deeply you regress, the more likely it is you’ll have a peepee accident in your panties. Oh my. Poor baby. Looks like there’s just no winning this game for you, is there?

Your poor weak little baby bladder doesn’t stand a chance!


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