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Special Request

I was sent this little short story and asked to record it and this month’s theme is giantesses so I’m sharing it with all of you now as well. In this little tale, you find yourself in a strange nursery where you seem to be the size of a doll and your CareGivers, three giantesses are all dressed like giant babies with huge diapers and an agenda … You’re helpless to stop them from plucking you from your crib, stripping you down and changing you into a diaper as well! Even more alarming, once you’re changed into your diaper, your body and mind begin to undergo a strange transformation. There’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening … You’re being transformed into a giant baby! Its alright though; your new giant Nannies are only too eager to take care of you, feeding you delicious bottles of milk so you’ll become just as big and strong as they are … Someday. For now you’re just a helpless little baby caught up in a never ending cycle!


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