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How is my little princess feeling today? Oh? You’re not a princess? I don’t know. I think you are a princess and Nanny knows what’s best for her little ones, isn’t that right? So, is it possible that maybe you just might be a princess? Yeah? What if I decided to transform you into a princess? A little sissy diaper princess!

Its so easy for me to transform you into whatever I want, regressing your mind and making you forget all those boring old grown up cares and concerns. Before you know it, you’ll only care about playing dress up, wearing matching outfits with your dollies and when your next diaper change will be.┬áBy the time I’ve finished your sissy diaper training, any other life will be a lie for you. You are a sissy diaper princess, through and through.

And without thinking about it, without trying at all, you’re going to do all the things that sissy princesses do … yes you are … because being a little diaper princess comes naturally to you … but for now just relax and go even deeper, for me now … that’s it… all you have to do is listen and obey now, sweetheart.


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