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Its a little embarrassing that I know so much about what you want, isn’t it? You probably have to spend a lot of time and a lot of effort hiding yourself from the rest of the world. Most people would think its pretty weird for someone to want the sort of things you do.

And perhaps you tried to deny yourself, stuffing these wants and needs deep, deep down, burying them in your subconscious or hiding them away like a dirty little secret. Better to avoid the humiliation. I understand.

But you can only deny yourself for just so long before these urges become too much to bear. That itch becomes irresistible, and you find that you simply have no choice but to give in. Poor baby. So, you come to Mommy. Because you know Mommy can give you what you want. You know Mommy can give you what you need. Mommy knows. Mommy understands. And Mommy doesn’t mind.

Mommy takes away all your choices and responsibilities. Mommy puts you in a diaper and turns you into a silly dumb little baby. Mommy makes you wear thick diapers and that’s good because you’re going to be having a lot of little accidents from now on. Poor baby. Its too late to turn back now. You’re just a silly dumb little baby, after all.


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