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It feels so good to be strapped into Mommy’s highchair, doesn’t it now darling? Yes, there are straps that go around your ankles there and a pair for your thighs as well. There’s a strap around your middle, helping you sit upright and comfortable no matter how weak and helpless you may become. There are straps to keep your hands safely out of the way as well because Mommy will be feeding you some yummy baby food and you mustn’t make a mess by playing with it!

Aw, you’re so cute when you wiggle and squirm. Are you wetting your diaper already? Silly little baby! What am I going to do with you? Now hold still so Mommy can put your mittens on. Soft pink mittens so you cannot scratch or hurt yourself while you wiggle about. That’s right.

And now Mommy will attach the tray to the front of the chair, so you’re all nestled in, safe and snug. Finally, Mommy ties a bib around your neck so your cute little outfit will stay nice and clean while you eat. And what yummy treats do we have for you to eat today?

It’s time for dinner and baby training in Nicole’s Nursery! Time to let go of all those boring, grown-up thoughts that clutter up your mind and just be little for a while. So put on a diaper and find a comfy place to relax. Let everything go for the next 20 minutes while Mommy Nicole teaches you all the things you must learn to be a good little baby!


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