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Brand New for 2021!

Everyone knows that silly little babies need lots of training and who better to provide that training than a professional au pair and baby trainer? In this session, I begin by encouraging you to fetch a diaper and your favorite plushie or baby blanket, cuddle yourself into a comfortable position and just listen to my voice as I take control of your body and mind, relaxing and regressing you into helpless babyish oblivion.

I nurture and gently humiliate you, erasing all grown up cares and concerns, as I take you down nice and deep, helping you to forget all your troubles. Once you’re in that perfect state of baby brain bliss, I encourage you to make a mess in your diaper, reminding you that its alright, this is just what babies do before finally giving you no choice but to do exactly what silly babies do and reminding you how proud I am that you’re such a good baby for me after all.


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