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While enjoying an after-dinner stroll in the city, surrounded by strangers you spy someone unique in the crowd; a 6 ft tall man dressed in a thick pink diaper and not much else. With his tousled blonde curls, playful blue eyes, quiver full of arrows and a bow, it didn’t take long for you to figure out exactly who you’d truly encountered a Roman god or you were merely hallucinating, you’d become his next target!

However, instead of falling in love, you find yourself falling into deep irresistible regression. Your brain is becoming fuzzy, your grown-up thoughts are disappearing and you’re swiftly losing control of your bladder. Your only hope is if you can get to your nearby friend, Nicole. She’ll take care of you … Or she may just regress you even more deeply. But will you get there before you wet your pants? Or will you be publicly humiliated with pee pee pants and a baby brain?


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