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You often fantasize about forgetting your potty training, don’t you, darling? Yes, I know. You probably don’t even really remember but behaviors were planted deep in your subconscious years ago that you have been mindlessly acting on ever since.

You do have such a weak mind, after all. Its so easy for you to fall into habits and patterns, doing as you’re told. Especially when I tell you to do it. In this session, I take full advantage of your weakness, guiding you down into the nursery and speaking directly to the part of your mind that has always remained so weak, so helpless, so mindless. I bring that part of you directly to the surface, suppressing all of your adult thoughts and feelings until only the silly dumb little baby remains.

Once you’re thoroughly brainwashed and regressed to the deepest level you can possibly be, I coax you to completely forget what a potty is even meant to be used for. That’s right. You completely forget what a potty even is, leaving you utterly dependent on diapers.

Take note! This version is open-ended, meaning there’s no set limit on how long the amnesia might last. It could be a matter of hours, days, weeks or potentially even months! I will say, the more practice and experience you’ve had with files like this, the more effective the suggestions.


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