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You’re a young new professor at a small university. You’ve been warned to avoid the inevitable “student crushes” and you think you’re fully prepared on your first day of classes. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until … One of your students happens to notice and quietly calls you out for wearing a diaper to class!

In a panic, you agree to give her whatever she wants in exchange for keeping your secret from the other faculty and students. In fact, she even promises to help you out with your “little potty problem” but when you show up at her apartment, nothing is as it seems. Nicole promised to practice her “therapeutic techniques” to help you but as you begin to helplessly regress, it occurs to you, far too late, that she may in fact be making you so much worse …

Will you awaken an utterly diaper dependent little baby or will this naughty student actually cure you of your incontinence once and for all? There’s only one way to find out!


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