Hello sweetheart. This file is for all those babies who keep reaching out to me, oh so anxious about not having a Care Giver, getting stuck in little space and unable to take care of themselves. This file is for YOU.

In this brainwashing baby session, I reinforce previous triggers while also placing new ones, specifically so that you can remain in little space (potentially forever if you so choose) but also feel capable of being a “grown up” whenever you absolutely need to so you’ll be able to enjoy all the wonderful sensations of feeling so happy and secure as a diapered little baby while also able to accomplish important tasks, big and small!

Of course, the moment your “grown up” work is done, you can drop right back down to being a silly dumb mindless little baby. After all, this is a pinky promise and everyone knows a pinky promise is for life! You’re my good baby forever now.

Session includes: a brand new long induction, suggestions to forget potty training, crave diapers and formula, think and act like a baby, a pinky promise that you’ll stay “little” always and yes, a diaper change from Nanny Nicole.


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