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Don’t worry about wearing a diaper today, sweetheart. You surely won’t need one. After all, you’re big enough to control your own bladder, aren’t you?

Hmm. Maybe not!

In this session, you’re lulled down into trance by Mommy Nicole’s melodic voice, coaxed into a blissful state of relaxation and deep regression. We go to the nursery and you watch a colorful mobile float above your head as you let go of all your grown up cares and concerns. None of those boring old things matter when you’re with Mommy Nicole.

But once you’re all helpless and infantile, things begin to happen. Your bladder is just too full and you can’t control it after all! But what happens when you also remember, you forgot to put on your diaper this morning! And now you can’t remember how to use the potty either! Mommy Nicole giggles as you wriggle and squirm, doing a silly little peepee dance in desperation. But that’s not all …

Of course, if you want to know the rest, you’ll just have to listen!


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