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Brand New for 2022!

“We need to talk.”

It all starts with a single cryptic text from your girlfriend. You get home to discover that she’s stumbled upon your biggest secret and now she’s going to use what she knows to transform you into a full time needy baby … HER full time needy baby!

You can’t tell her no, can you? Do you even want to? After all, she’s got your diapers, baby bottles, pacifier, all of your ABDL supplies right there and she’s decided she wants to be your new Nanny … Maybe forever. The idea of being a full time diapered baby is *so* appealing and its oh so tempting to just give in to whatever she demands … Before you know it, she’s got you diapered and regressed and helpless, right where she wants you. And to think, it all began with a text.


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