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When the world went into lockdown in response to COVID 19, I decided to create a safe space for my little ones to feel happy and secure. In this age regression mp3, I draw you down into a relaxing trance, helping you to feel deeply regressed so you can forget about the troubles of the grown up world for a time and just enjoy being in the nursery, doing all the things that silly little babies do.

“Oh! I know! Whenever you try to make an unnecessary trip out and about, you will become more and more clumsy with every step you take. That’s right. You know how silly dumb little babies can’t walk very well at all? And silly dumb little babies usually just toddle all around or crawl around on the soft carpet of the nursery floor? Well, if you try to go out for some silly, unnecessary reason, you won’t have any choice but to toddle and crawl. Mommy’s powerful suggestions are stripping away your motor functions, even your ability to speak and walk.

You can’t hide that, now can you? Oh no. How embarrassing. Its really best if you just stay home like a good baby. Stay home and listen to Mommy Nicole. But what will you do while you’re stuck staying home, self isolating and unable to go out and play? You can visit the nursery of course!”


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