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When the world went into lockdown in response to COVID 19, I decided to create a safe space for my little ones to feel happy and secure. In this age regression mp3, I draw you down into a relaxing trance, helping you to feel deeply regressed so you can forget about the troubles of the grown up world for a time and just enjoy being in the nursery, doing all the things that silly little babies do.

“Right now, much of the grown up world is in lockdown and it is very important for you to stay at home. I want you to know that you are welcome to spend time in the nursery … whenever you want or need. The nursery is a safe place. When you’re in the nursery, nothing bad can happen. Only good and happy things are allowed into the nursery. This is your place to come and relax and regress.”

You’re also given a fun little assignment to complete but make sure you’re wearing a diaper while you do so because you may find yourself so caught up in being little that you forget all about your potty training That’s right! You’ll wet yourself and make a great big mess! Because that is what silly little babies do. They wet themselves without even thinking about it!


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