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Brand New for 2022!

You came to my apartment but you couldn’t hold your peepee on the way over and now you’ve wet your pants like a silly dumb little baby! I answer the door giggling, teasing you about not being a real man and you admit that you’re NOT a real man so, of course I decide to get you straight up onto my changing table, get you out of those icky wet grown up clothes, put you into a diaper and transform you into a silly dumb little baby just because I can.

But that’s not all. I’ve already got you wrapped around my little finger and we both know you love to do whatever I say. Nothing makes you happier than listening to my voice and obeying my commands so I decide to take things even further, regressing you and transforming you into a sweet little diaper princess. But it seems you have a hard time keeping your wandering hands out of your diaper and off your dolly so I do what I have to and lock you up in bondage mittens, making you even MORE helpless and dependent on me!

Don’t worry though, sweetheart. Don’t I always take such good care of you?


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