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Whenever you’re with Mommy Nicole, you can be as little and as helpless as you want to be. Even if Mommy has to take control sometimes and coerce you into doing certain things you find embarrassing or humiliating, you know that Mommy knows whats best for her little baby so you can relax completely and just obey.

Mommy knows all about your secrets. Mommy knows that sometimes you like to pretend to be big so you can play with your dolly. Mommy knows that sometimes the little accidents you have in your panties, aren’t really accidents at all. Mommy also knows that you must be diapered at all times because your helpless little baby bladder is just so weak now…

But what happens to a little baby who doesn’t tell Mommy when he needs his diaper changed? What might happen to that baby’s diaper? Well, at first your diaper becomes warm and wet and squishy. Each time you have another accident, your diaper will become more warm and more wet and more squishy. Until all of a sudden, all at once, your diaper begins to leak!


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