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Brand New for 2021! Its time to regress, time for sweet dreams and a smooth baby brain. I’m going to train you, of course and reprogram your mind so that whenever you feel anxious or stressed or simply overwhelmed, all those troublesome thoughts will be chased right out of your mind whenever you remember to do exactly as I say. Includes suggestions for thumb sucking, nose bridge rubbing and a special phrase that, when uttered by myself or perhaps by someone else, you instantly feel sensations of deep regression, comfort and soothing relaxation. The special phrase is even more powerful when your Mommy or Daddy use it on you but if you want to know what that special phrase is or what happens when your Mommy or Daddy say it to you, you’ll just have to listen to this baby training mp3. You will also likely need to wear a diaper as uncontrolled wetting is STRONGLY suggested throughout this mp3. This is not a role play. This is real mental conditioning and ABDL reprogramming.

♡ Nicole


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