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Brand New for 2021!

Your girlfriend had to leave for a conference and while she was gone, you lost your job and decided to stop taking care of any of your grown up responsibilities. Well, now she’s back and there will be consequences for your behavior. Especially when she discovers you’ve been wearing diapers instead of peeing in the potty!

Once she stops laughing at you, she decides to take matters into her own hands, telling what your new role in life will be–as a silly dumb drooling little baby. And to make sure you obey her new rules, she takes things even further, mentally regressing you until you have no choice but to obey her every command.

Better get used to this new, humiliating way of life because there’s no telling how babyish you’ll become once your girlfriend becomes your governess! You’re no longer a man, no longer her boyfriend. You’re just a silly little diapered baby now. Aw, whatcha gonna do about it, baby?


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