Feeling the stress of the season or maybe you just need to be a dumb little baby? What if you were so dumb you couldn’t think at all and the only thing you could do is be a happy little bedwetting baby for Nanny Nicole, falling deeper and deeper into helpless trance until you couldn’t even remember how NOT to wet the bed at night?!

You’d end up back in diapers, of course but what else might happen to such a deeply dumbed down little baby? Would you enjoy bottles of formula in Nanny’s lap, playing silly little mindless games in the nursery with your toys and just feeling so helpless and happy? Sounds like way more fun than trying to be a grown up, huh? Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and your gift this year is that you get to be Nanny’s special silly dumb little baby forever and ever! With this ABDL trance mp3, that Christmas wish just might come true!


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