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My poor little darling; being is just so hard for you! I know, punkin. Sometimes you just need a break from all those responsibilities and frustrations. But that’s what I’m here for. All you have to do is let go and listen to my voice now. You can just give in and fall, down and down and down, regressing deeper and deeper until your mind surrenders completely and you find yourself in a world of soft, innocent, fluffy happiness. The more you listen to my voice, surrendering your mind to my baby training and brainwashing, the easier and more natural it will be for you to act and think just like a little baby. And before you know it, life won’t seem so hard anymore because all of those boring things you had to do as a grown up won’t matter to you at all.

We both know what you want. You want to give in, to give yourself over to Nanny completely. You want to submit, to relinquish all control as you let those “grown up” thoughts flutter away while you helplessly fill your diaper. Even in your dreams, you hear Nanny’s words, reminding you how little you are and how much you need to be taken care of. But its alright because Nanny is right here to take such good care of you always …

Features lots of gentle teasing, nurturing, bedwetting encouragement and baby brainwashing as well as a new soft lullaby track to ease you into an even deeper trance.


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