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So many of you really seemed to love the idea of being diapered by your teacher, I decided to create a file that was *solely* focused on the experience of being diapered and disciplined by your teacher! In this session, you’ll join an entire classroom of ABDL students, all eager to learn how to be the very best little babies each of you can be.

That’s right. Welcome to the ABDL Daycare and Learning Center with Nanny Nicole as your teacher. This entire session focuses on regression, baby training and reprogramming your mind to be free of adult thoughts, cares or concerns so your newly blank baby brains can focus on more important lessons like bedwetting, diaper dependency and trusting your Nanny to take such good care of you.

Your first lesson ends when naptime begins but that’s alright because once you’ve awoken from your dreams, it will be time to change your soggy diaper and then you’ll be all ready for more baby training!


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