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Length: 30 minutes
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You finally made it to graduation. You’re a grown up now, an adult ready to take on the world … Except that despite your apparent age, you’re absolutely none of those things. Your brain is like mush, everything is just too much and all you really want is to regress deeper and deeper into mindless babyishness.

Luckily, your step-mom, Nicole, is completely understanding and does everything she can to make sure you’re taken care of no matter what. Even if that means dressing you up like a giant baby with diapers and a pacifier. Before you know it, you’ve been brainwashed into near total incontinence and your cravings for babyish things is only growing stronger and stronger … You were supposed to leave home and become a real grown up but it’s starting to look like you’re never going to be anything more than a diaper dependent little bedwetter from now on.


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