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Sometimes its fun to imagine yourself in different scenarios, different places, forgetting all about yourself for awhile and becoming someone else … And I enjoy telling you those stories, creating those worlds for you to escape into. But sometimes, all you really need is to simply relax and regress and let go of the grown up world for just a little while.

You still want to be yourself … Just a little version of you. Yeah? You want to tap into that part of yourself that is happy and carefree and playful, with no grown up cares or concerns weighing you down. No responsibilities. No one demanding anything from you.

But who can you talk to about these frustrations? Who would understand how someone so grown up could want or need to be so little sometimes? * giggle * Silly baby. Aren’t you glad you found me? That’s right. I’m here to help you.

If you just listen to my voice, I will guide you down into the Nursery. Oh yes. And I’ll help you to let go of every boring old grown up thing so that you can regress deeper and deeper, becoming just as little as you want or need to be. And when you’re feeling small and helpless and weak, I’ll be right here to take care of you. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Is that what you need?

This session is all about YOU and what YOU want and need from little space. Of course, it includes a lovely, deep induction designed to help you relax and let go completely as you drop down into the Nursery but rather than trying to paint you into a particular scenario, this time I focus on helping you actually get into the headspace of being little so with no formal count back into adulthood so you can stay in little space for as long as you like after the recording ends.


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