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You’ve been living in the home you inherited from a long lost family friend you only know as Nanny Nicole. The neighborhood rumor mill describes Nicole as a strange witch, an old woman who looked perpetually young; she’d lived in that house for over 50 years but then one day she was just … Gone. Silly rumors. You love this house but you’ve never really gotten around to exploring the attic and when you get your first peek, you discover something strange.

The attic is spotless, entirely empty, without even a single cobweb; utterly deserted save for a lone teddy bear, abandoned face down on the floor. As you walk over to pick up the forgotten stuffy, you suddenly hear the faint sounds of a lullaby and find yourself feeling more and more sleepy until, just as your fingertips grace the bear’s silky fur, you fall into a deep trance-like sleep.

You “awaken” in the attic but its been transformed into a nursery unlike any you’ve ever seen before! Every item is sized for an adult. It takes you seconds to realize, the baby of this nursery is YOU! Not only are you dressed in a large, over sized diaper and a saccharine sweet, pastel mint colored dress with frilly white panties, but your mind is gradually becoming more and more overwhelmed with babyish thoughts and feelings.

You’re just aware enough to realize what’s happening; that teddy bear and the entire attic were enchanted and you’re regressing into babyhood. You’ve got to get out of here! Panic stricken, you bolt for the attic door, ready to run back downstairs and away from whatever is going on here but the closer you get to the door, the more helpless and babyish you feel until you find yourself crawling on the floor, distracted by a pile brightly colored toys and a big bottle of baby formula.

Before you can even try to resist, you’ve been overcome—regressed back to babyhood, transformed into a diaper dependent adult baby. And while you’re cuddling your beloved teddy bear, completely unaware that you’ve already wet your diaper, you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. You were alone in the house but now it seems Nanny Nicole has returned to take care of the newly diapered baby …


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