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Sometimes you just need to be taken care of. For many of my good little ones, that’s what age regression, diaper play and ABDL is all about; feeling helpless, small and being loved by a gentle Care Giver who takes care of all their needs while the big bad grown-up world is far away and unimportant. That’s exactly what this file is all about.

It begins with a soothing bubble bath, regressing and mesmerizing you as you sink down into warm water. You find yourself becoming so small and helpless that you actually drift away in a bubble, regressing more and more deeply as you continue to listen to my voice until finally, I gather you in my arms, cradling and rocking you for cuddles and a warm bottle of formula. Then it’s time for a diaper change and dressing you up in your favorite onesie all before I tuck you into your crib for a relaxing nap. There’s no count up from this session so it’s ideal to listen to right before bed.


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