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Length: 33 minutes
Size: 39 MB
Format: MP3


Based off a custom request~

I’ve been getting a lot of custom requests lately! This one was particularly detailed and planned out but after I finished the initial file, I felt like I could play around with the ideas a little bit more and create a file everyone could enjoy. This session is ideal for newcomers and long-time nursery lovers alike. It goes into deep detail re: your very own little nursery. What would be in it? What will you do there? Who will take care of you? All these answers and more await.
Unlike many of my other files, this one specifically allows you to choose when you’ll be big again as well so you have the freedom to come to the nursery and be little whenever you like for as long as you want but you can also return to being big should you need or wish to do so. Perfect for anyone who is feeling a little anxious about this whole ABDL thing or anyone who needs to balance their little time with their grown up time.


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