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Brand new for 2023! Another special request fulfilled~ Who doesn’t love speech restrictions?┬áThis session is a little different in that the restriction can happen anytime, anywhere and in the company of anyone! What does that mean for you exactly? Well, a lot of you have been emailing me letting me know that you’re becoming more and more incontinent, even when you’re not actively listening to one of my files. Think of this like that–You’ll get all the lovely squirmy regression sensations while you’re listening, of course but you could also be out and about having a normal day and suddenly, out of nowhere, your grown-up thoughts and words, your actual ability to speak, simply goes away, becoming so far out of reach, you suddenly become a quiet little mouse! The harder you try to resist this happening, of course, the stronger the effect will be. So the only way for you to regain your ability to speak again is to simply give in, of course. And everyone around you will just have to wonder why you’re suddenly so very quiet. Aw, poor little thing. But don’t worry. It doesn’t last forever!


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