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Its time to join Mommy Nicole in the nursery for baby training! Everyone knows that helplessly regressed little ones wet their diapers and now Mommy has a special place in the nursery for all those necessary diaper changes. Mommy’s changing table was built with adult babies in mind with special straps to tie you down and keep you from wriggling away while Mommy changes your wet and messy diaper. And you can’t help but feel so deeply regressed every time you lie down.

This session builds upon and increases all those feelings of helplessness you experience every single time you submit to Mommy Nicole’s powerful baby training. However, if this is your first time ever in Mommy’s nursery, that’s okay too. We all start somewhere and if you’ve got a messy diaper, Mommy’s going to change it!

In Nicole Nursery, bedwetting isn’t just encouraged; its expected!


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