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Brand new for 2023!

Aw, does my little one have an owie? Where does it hurt, precious baby? It’s okay, sweetheart. You can tell Nanny what’s wrong. You can tell me anything. Come on now. That’s right. Come here, little love. Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll kiss it better for you. Sweet little kisses to make it all right.

Do you want to come to the nursery for a little while? Would that help you feel better? Hmm? Let’s do that then. Yeah. Let’s relax and regress you and go down to the nursery.

Once you’re deeply entranced and regressed, I’ll change you into a fresh diaper and give you oh so many kisses to make all your owies better. I’ll help you forget all about being a grown up, all those cares and concerns will be so far away. None of it will matter anymore.

My kisses will condition you to be using your diapers every night from now on and if you forget your diaper or simply choose not to wear one some evening like silly dumb babies sometimes do, well my little one, you might just wake up to a very wet bed in the morning because you definitely won’t have control over your bladder anymore.


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