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Brand New for 2021!

You come to Miss Nicole in desperate need of a nap and she decides to take advantage of your extreme sleepiness and do a little baby training while you’re in such a vulnerable state! She takes you down to the nursery but first she inspects to see whether or not you’re properly diapered, changes your clothes for you and then mentally regresses you from an adult to a much younger state.

You’re encouraged to just let yourself fall asleep. Its okay, right? You can trust your au pair, after all. But while you’re dreaming, she plants suggestions for you to have peepee accidents at random times whether you’re asleep or awake, even when you’re NOT in the nursery! Is there anything you can do to stop her? The harder you try to resist, the more powerful her suggestions are. Be careful with this one. You might just be stuck wearing diapers whether you like it or not.

♡ Nicole


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