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Imagine being Mommy’s good little baby. Imagine how it would feel to have Mommy know each time you had an accident in your diaper. Just when it seems as if you might become potty trained, you have another accident and Mommy has to strap you down on the changing table and exchange that soggy wet diaper for a fresh crinkly new one.

Your bladder is weak. Your mind is weak. You are weak. And no matter how hard you try, you are helpless to resist my powerful words. These suggestions are planting deep inside your mind now. Even if you forget every single thing I have said to you during this trance, your subconscious will remember. That’s right. Your subconscious is listening, remembering … You are just a silly dumb little baby and you have bedwetting accidents. More and more.

It reaches a point where you have no idea if you will wake up to a wet bed or not. The risk becomes so great that you find yourself wearing pull ups and diapers to sleep in. You slip one on before bed and you feel safe and secure, knowing that even if you have an accident, its okay. You just need to wear your diaper and everything will be just fine.

Warning: listening to this session greatly increases your risk of becoming diaper dependent 24/7. I use real trance training techniques combined with powerful brainwashing suggestions. Whether you’re brand new to ABDL or you’ve been playing with diapers for years and years, this is an excellent file for anyone. Gender neutral so it can be enjoyed by boys, girls or anyone in between.


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