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Listening to Mommy Nicole’s adult baby training sessions has started a chain-reaction in your subconscious mind and you’re forgetting your potty training. I know sometimes you have very close calls, indeed. You might wake up just in time to rush to the potty. I know this because you’ve told me, silly baby.

And that’s what happens during the daytime now too. Wetting yourself multiple times a day is only natural for you. You’re just a little baby and you can’t help yourself. Sometimes this might seem embarrassing or a little strange but the more it happens, the more you simply accept that this is a part of your life and just one of the many things that make you … you.

This session builds upon and cements previous potty untraining and uncontrolled wetting files but the induction is deep enough that you could just as easily use this as your introduction to Mommy Nicole’s baby training, as well. Of course, daytime wetting really is jumping straight into the deep end but maybe you’re just that desperate to let go of your adult inhibitions and engage in baby behaviors.


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