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Brand new for 2022! Created from a custom request~ “Hello! I am considering commissioning a custom session … General┬áSynopsis Arriving at your girlfriend’s house where she promised to clean off your nails (painted a pretty pink during a party the night before where you fell asleep) of course this doesn’t happen right away as she notices your unkempt hair that needs to be brushed, and then put into cute high on the head pigtails. Noticing this and shaking your head she calms you down because it was just too cute and she couldn’t resist, in fact there is just one more piece that she just has to try as she tugs the pigtails through the back of a bonnet, as she ties the bonnet under your chin the second track starts up telling your mind to relax (as tiny speakers in the bonnet start up), be a good diaper princess etc. as she then begins to coax you into a frilly baby dress, bondage…er cute mittens, a diaper, and finally locking the whole process in as she closes the 5 snaps combining both the underlying track and the girlfriend (now au pair) talking about how soon you’ll be the cutest little princess and how she has so many more diapers and outfits. Finally, during the last couple of minutes it’s time for a bottle and falling asleep with some discussion as to how once your asleep you’ll be a cute little diaper princess forever, wetting your diaper and being taken care of.” Of course, I took this idea and ran with it. Such a fun little file to produce! I hope you love it as much as I do!


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