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Sometimes simply falling asleep can be the most difficult thing and everyone knows silly dumb little babies need more sleep than boring old grown ups. But its so hard to switch off those grown up thoughts every night! I understand, little one. That’s why you need someone to take care of you, take control of you and make sure you’re not only able to switch off those grown up thoughts but that you really have no other choice …

Listening to this file will not only help you shut down any lingering grown up cares and concerns that might be keeping you up at night, you’ll be regressed and reprogrammed to want to go to bed at the same time every night, triggering yourself to become oh so sleepy and deeply regressed starting at around 8:30 – 9 PM so you’ll be fast asleep by 10 PM just like a good little baby should.

Of course, Nanny will ensure you’re securely diapered before you drift off because everyone knows deeply regressed little babies can’t help but have bedwetting accidents throughout the night but that’s alright, darling because that’s just what silly little babies do!


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