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Price: $27.89 USD
Length: 30 minutes
Size: 38 MB
Format: MP3


Relax and regress as you drift into trance, first enveloped in the safety and comfort of your very own enchanted bubble only to explore a winding path in the woods where you stumble upon a mysterious little house with a curious occupant.

You’ll be regressed both mentally and physically into a helpless little baby, cared for by a beautiful giantess who assumes the role of your care giver and nanny. Each bottle of creamy formula she gives you has a strange affect, regressing you and more deeply until you’re unable to resist, unable to even form a single grown up thought.

Somehow though, you don’t mind. It just feels so good to be so little, so cared for, so deeply relaxed. Includes multiple diaper changes, enchanted baby formula and a mysterious witch/giantess who takes control of your body and mind.


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