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You’ve been struggling to find focus in your life, struggling to accomplish the tasks you need to accomplish. Being a grown up is *hard* … I know. That’s why you want so badly to be little. I understand. I’m a teacher with a special program for people just like you. If you want to participate and benefit from my techniques, you must obey all my commands and follow my instructions without question. I do have some very unconventional methods though. You’ll really have to trust me but I assure you, I have excellent results.

The first step in my special training program is to dress you in a diaper. Well, I did tell you I had unconventional methods. But hear me out. You don’t have to completely unlearn all your potty training. But you’ll definitely be wearing diapers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as part of my training program. Think of it as one less distraction. You don’t need to worry about something so silly as going to the potty anymore. How convenient!

It’s not that bad, darling. You might even learn to like it. You may as well just give in anyway. There’s no point in trying to resist. If you want my help, it looks like wearing diapers will quickly become your new reality.

Now, do you want my help? Yeah? Kind of looks like you might need my help whether you want it or not. That’s alright. I just happen to have an opening in my schedule. I’ll accept you into my program.


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