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An ideal session for ABDL enthusiasts who struggle with anxiety or invasive thoughts, this journey into Mommy Nicole’s nursery begins with a special relaxation exercise called Rainbow Breathing. I give you a tool you can use anytime you like, whether you’re big or little, that will help with anxiety, invasive thoughts or distractions and then we journey down into the nursery where Mommy has a special toy box, full of all kinds of wonderful toys for you to play with!

It’s so easy to become so distracted by all the fun things to do in the nursery, that you forget all about your potty training. It’s okay though, because you remembered to wear your diaper, right? Mommy explains exactly why it’s so important for babies to wear diapers and reassures you that you’re safe in the nursery and no matter what happens, Mommy will always be here to take care of you.

The session wraps up with a fun and easy post-trance suggestion and then eases into a gentle lullaby so you may wake up if you wish or drift off into easy dreams. This is a gender-neutral session so whether you’re a girl baby or a boy baby or any variation in between, you can get lost in the sensations of regression and relaxation and forget all about your potty training with Mommy Nicole.


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