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Come now, its time to fall. Time to crawl. Time for bed and baby dreams. Yes, sweetheart. Time to close those precious eyes and let go of all the big bad boring things that hinder you and keep you in the adult world. None of that matters now.

The only thing that matters now is getting you changed into a squishy, crinkly diaper and tucked into your crib so you can begin to let go of all those pesky grown up thoughts. Don’t worry, darling. I’ll help you. Oh yes. I’m going to erase everything that’s tumbling all around in that silly little head of yours and reprogram you to be the very best baby you can possibly be.

We can use lovely scented baby powder on your bum and a soothing cream on your private parts. Don’t worry, I’ll warm it up on my hands before it touches your sensitive skin. And I’ll prepare a bottle of formula for you to drink as you drift off so you’ll have a nice full tummy when you fall asleep and a nice full diaper when you wake up in the morning. Does that sound good, sweetheart? Yeah?

You don’t need to remember and you don’t need to think. There isn’t anything to think about anyway. You’re just falling now. Into trance. Into sleep. Into peaceful baby dreams. And the more deeply you relax, the more deeply you regress. Becoming more and more like a silly, dumb, helpless little baby for me. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin …


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