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Hello, little one. Its time for dreams. And that means, its time for a bedtime story with Mommy Nicole. This is a fantastic tale all about YOU and the unexpected things that might happen to you should you ever choose to wander the woods alone.

As you listen to Mommy’s voice now, I want you to get comfortable. Yes, just lie back and close your eyes and if you like, you may even imagine yourself experiencing all the things that are happening in the story as if they were happening to you right now. Because, I don’t know, sweetheart … Maybe they are!

Features soft music and subliminal echo tracks. No count back to awareness. This is the fourth chapter of a new series I’m working (in which the Enchantress discovers you plotting your escape from her hidden nursery and uses her powerful magic to dumb down your mind, making you more helpless and dependent on her than ever before … there is NO escape from Mommy Nicole) on so stay tuned! Yes, these sessions will build upon each other so it is important to listen to them in order.


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