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Poor baby. You’ve had such a hard time, haven’t you? Being big all the time. Its just no fun at all. Whether you like it or not, you’ve to do it. What other choice do you have? Its not like someone can come along and take away all your responsibilities and make you be helpless and weak … Whisk you away to her nursery and just … keep … you … there …


Oh! I guess that’s where I come in, huh? Is that why you’re listening to my voice right now? You’re hoping your nice, sweet au pair will come and rescue you from the stress and pressure of your adult life? You’re eagerly anticipating that Nanny Nicole will take control, take it all away,

And of course, I will …

Sweetly nurturing session in which I use a brand new induction, butterfly kisses and tickles to mentally regress you into a more vulnerable state before brainwashing you into wetting your bed every single night, just like the silly dumb little baby you truly are.

♡ Nicole


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